About us

Because we want to be part of the solution! Because we apply the circular economy strategy in everything we do. Because we care for and improve the environment.
Because we believe that coexistence between people and a sustainable environment is possible. Because our products are of high quality, comfort, design and above all environmentally friendly.
Because by joining the best brands and technologies in the world with our customers we achieve an excellent experience for them and for the planet.
Because we are circular economy!
Because we are passionate about what we do!


By linking and representing leading companies and brands from countries such as Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile that are aligned with this strategy.
Making sustainability, savings (water, energy, time) and product life extension our pillars.
Being a triple impact company (social, ecological and economic) and aligning ourselves with the CIRCULAR ECONOMY strategy.
How can we serve you!


We operate in the construction, finishing and hospitality market throughout Costa Rica, through premium products and services, working as a team together with our suppliers and customers, with special focus on the experience and needs of the people who believe in us and what we believe in. Our main product lines are: High standard PVC windows and high performance aluminum, aluminum composite for facades and interiors, railings, floors, ceilings and installations of all types of glass with technology
and accessories: laminated, tempered, insulated,
curved, partitions for offices, louvers, accessories for openings such as awnings, blinds, curtains, simple or automated, aluminum doors, fireproof and UL certified, high standard furniture in MDF / MDP, residential and corporate, indoor and outdoor, super efficient solar panels, remodeling and turnkey projects. All this associated with the best installation service, after sales and warranty in the market.


We contribute to the achievement of great projects, through:

• 18 years of experience in Costa Rica
• Sustainable products and innovative state-of-the-art services.
• Design
• Energy efficiency
• Technology 4.0
• We seek carbon neutrality
• We represent major companies around the world
• We help our planet to recover!


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